3500kw coal fired thermal oil boiler for textile dyeing printing

3500kw coal fired thermal oil boiler for textile dyeing printing

coal fired thermal oil boiler descrition

Thermal oil boiler is a new type heating equipment that can save energy and reduce emission. It uses coal as fuel and heat transfer oil as heat carrier (such as L-QB, L-QC, L-QD). It uses circulating oil pump to make heat carrier cycling forcibly, after that the heat carrier return to the boiler be reheated tot use. The highest temperature that coal-fired organic heat carrier boiler can supply is 340℃, and the working pressure is under 0.8Mpa, so it is safe and reliable.

coal fired thermal oil boiler

coal fired thermal oil boiler

Fuel of thermal oil boiler can be wood brown coal, boghead coal, soft coal, lean coal, lignite coal, bituminous coal, biomass dust, wood dust, straw pellet, peanut shell, coco shell, rice husk, etc. Fuel feeding method is automatic feeding which saves a lot of labor.

coal fired thermal oil boiler characteristics

  • 1. Rolling type grate: Burning coal in rolling mode, with high burnout rate, thoroughly treated side-sealed air, suitable to burn II III soft coal and coal gangue.
  • 2. Adoption of automatic temperature control function is made to achieve stable heating and precise temperature adjustment, which may meet different requirements
  • 3. It adopts perfect running control and safety monitoring device with safety, reliability and easy operation.
  • 4. Fast packaged or assembled for shipment with easy transportation, short installation period, and fast return of Investment.
  • 5. The boiler features heat preservation performance with high-efficiency heat preservation material and state-of-the-art construction technology, lower radiating loss of boiler wall.
  • 6. Fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency, with overload capacity at a certain degree to ensure output of boiler.
  • 7. No black smoke escapes to help achievement of environmental protection
  • 8. Outstanding energy-saving effect, saving energy by 10-15% compared with similar products, return of investment for the equipment in the whole boiler room may be attained by capital of saved energy for one year operation.
YLW Series Coal or Biomass Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

YLW Series Coal or Biomass Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

coal fired thermal oil boiler application

  • 1) Food industry: indirect heating of cooking, drying and fried oil.
  • 2) Asphalt industry: Asphalt melting apparatus.
  • 3) Rubber industry: heating of sulfur kettle.
  • 4) Plastic Industry: for the heating extruder, calender, roller, hot press.
  • 5) ynthetic fiber industry: for the heating of filament and resin machinery.
  • 6) Corrugated cardboard industry: heating of embossing roller, melting of wax.
  • 7) Architectural interior industry: for the temperature control of apartment building of districts.Chemical Industry: for heating or cooling in the process of reaction, distillation, melting, evaporation, drying etc.
  • 8) Ship industry: preheating of fuel oil or cabin warming.Paint and automobile industry: heating and cooling in the reaction of synthetic resin paint, hot air drying of coating surface and the coating drying of automobile body (Panel heater is also available).
  • 9) Other: drying coated substances etc.

coal fired thermal oil boiler parameter

coal fired thermal oil boiler parameter

coal fired thermal oil boiler parameter

inquiry coal fired thermal oil boiler

As one of China’s the better boiler manufacturers, Sitong Boiler Co., Ltd has exported large quantities and high quality industrial and power plant boilers to Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. Contact us by email: service@stongboiler.com

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YY(Q)W series heat organic carrier furnace is ready-packaged forced circulation oil/gas fired boiler.

YLL series chain grate thermal oil boiler vertical type safe and energy saving boiler, it could get high temperature (350℃) under a low working pressure (0.8 MPa).

YGL vertical coal biomass organic heat carrier thermal oil boiler

YLW series coal/biomass fired thermic oil boiler is an safe and energy saving boiler

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