atmospheric pressure boiler for sulfuration

atmospheric pressure boiler for sulfuration

(PDF) Thickness evaluation of thermally sprayed coatings …

Thickness evaluation of thermally sprayed coatings after exposure to boiler tube environments by eddy current testing … those that were heat treated in atmospheric air and … T. Uc himoto et al …

Enhancement of Service Life of Steam Generating …

Pre-boiler is also equipped with steel tube heater. The capacity of the boiler was 1100 ? 103 kg/h at 842 K (at outlet of superheaters). The maximum operating steam pressure is 16.8 MPa. The burning fuel was usually a low grade heavy oil containing, for example, 1.52.5 mass% S, 50-150 ppm V, 5-15 ppm Na, 10-25% carbon residues.

Energy & Fuels | Vol 30, No 5 –

Determination of Simulated Crude Oil Mixtures from the North Sea Using Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Coupled to Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. Matthias Witt* Wiebke Timm


38. gas outlet gas inlet platform asphalt additive Asphalt blowing 再生炉 调节阀 渣油 进料 裙座、塔裙 气体出口 气体入口 平台 沥青添加剂 沥青氧化 沥青脆点 沥青膏 沥青软化点 沥青溶解度 asphalt breaking point asphalt cement 39. asphalt softening point 40. asphalt solubility 41. atmospheric and …

EP0958054A1 – Method for pre-sulphuration of catalysts …

The invention concerns a method for the pre-sulphuration of catalysts with metal oxide base, for hydro-treating hydrocarbon feedstocks, which consists in using at least a tertiary mercaptan (for instance tertiododecylmercaptan) as sulphuring agent. This tertiary mercaptan can be used on its own or combined with another sulphuring compound.

Corrosionpedia – What is Sulfidation? – Definition from …

Sulfidation exists in the extreme high temperature, high pressure environment of turbine engines. Galvanic corrosion in contrast, occurs at ambient temperatures due to natural electro-chemical reaction, and causes deterioration of structures. Sulfidation is a chemical reaction, classified as type1 and type 2.

(PDF) Sulphur capture during gasification of oil sand …

Sulphur Capture During Gasification of Oil Sand Cokes Q. T. NGUYEN and A . P. WATKINSON* Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 124 The capture of sulphur via the H,S-CaO reaction during gasification of delayed coke has been investigated in a 6.4 cm dia. semi-batch stirred bed reactor.

Study of adsorption characteristics of calcium-based …

The appearance of the inflection point in the sulfuration curve was delayed as the temperature decreased. The SO3 adsorption characteristics of three calcium-based sorbents on sulfuration rates was in the order of: CaO < CaCO3 < Ca(OH)2, and the maximum difference in the sulfuration rates between CaO and Ca(OH)2 was 15%.

Simulation and experimental study on the desulfurization …

Simulation and experimental study on the desulfurization for smelter off-gas using a recycling Ca-based desulfurizer. … The system was modeled and simulated at atmospheric pressure using Aspen Plus software. Aspen Plus is one of the most famous softwares used in chemical engineering for chemical processes optimization.

Kerry Dooley –

With oxygen as the oxidant in ODS reactions (70-90C, 0.8-1.8 MPa, feed vol/wt cat. =100 mL/g) of this model diesel, Pd/C and Mo2C/C showed the best selectivity for oxidizing the S- and N-heterocycles vs. the alkylaromatics. Increasing the pressure increased the reaction rates of the S- and N-heterocycles.

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